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Liposuction is surgical removal of fat by use of small cannulas , to give a slimmer liposuction
face lift

Face Lift

The face usually reveals the first visible signs of Aging. Both Gravity & Sun   face lift
Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement, also called Augmentation Breast Enlargement


  • Breast enlargement Surgery is a procedure which helps in reshaping and enhancing your breast size.
  • Many women find that by choosing to have breast augmentation surgery their self esteem and confidence can improve.
  • Breast enlargement is now one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure.
  • Females in general experience enhanced self image, improved sexual functioning and improved inter personal relationship after breast augmentation surgery.
Breast AugmentationBreast enlargement, also called mammoplasty, is designed to increase the size of small or underdeveloped Breast. Surgery can also restore and enhance your breast volume with the placement of Breast Implants.


Am I a Candidate for Breast Augmentation or Breast implant surgery?
  • If you are bothered by a feeling that your Breasts are too small.
  • If you have small breasts, which look out of proportion to their body shape.
  • If you have lost breast volume due to weight loss or pregnancy.
  • If you have appreciable difference in sizes of both breasts.
  • For reconstruction after Breast surgeries.
What size can my Breast increased to after Breast Augmentation or Breast implant surgery?
During Consultation, you will be asked about your desired Breast size and shape. This will help surgeon to understand your expectations. The surgeon will assess your chest size, your body shape & determine whether they realistically can be achieved. Surgeon will let you know approximately the cup size that will increase afterwards.

If your Breasts are sagging a Breast Lift may be recommended in conjunction with Augmentation.

Which Breast implant is for me?
Silicone implants are now commonly used for Breast enlargement. During consultation surgeon will assess your physique and your desire for size before recommending you the most suitable implant.
How is breast augmentation surgery performed?
Incisions !!
Incision can be made underneath the breast at the infra mammary crease (inframammary) OR around the lower edge of the areola (peri areolar) OR  within the axilla (axillary)

Implant pocket !!
Traditionally, implant can be placed either behind the breast tissue (sub mammary) or under the pectoral muscle (sub muscular) . Both techniques have their pros and cons. We now place the implant under the pectoral muscle fascia i.e. sub fascial pocket, which is the recent & most popular technique in the west. Sub fascial pocket has advantages of both sub mammary & sub pectoral pocket.

Scar will be hidden discretely underneath the breast fold.

Will my Breast look and feel natural after surgery?
Yes, once the swelling has subsided in about 3-4 weeks time, your breast will look and feel natural.
How do we proceed for breast Augmentation surgery?
  • After Consultation with the surgeon, you will be asked to get a few blood tests done, to ascertain your general fitness for surgery.
  • Breast enlargement is a day care procedure. You are asked to come to the clinic in the morning.
  • It is done under General Anesthesia. The surgery last for about 1-2hrs on an average.
  • You will be shifted to your room after that. Your Breast would be wrapped in gauze dressings.
  • You can go back home in the evening.
  • There may be some Post operative Swelling& bruising over the chest, but it settles down fast.
First follow up on the 3rd day after surgery. Your gauze dressings would be removed & you will be asked to wear support/ sports bra for at least 3 months.

After that you will be called on the 7th day for stitch removal.

When can I resume my normal activities after surgery?
You can resume your personal chorus from the evening. But we advise you to  keep your activities restricted for at least 3 days.

Vigorous movements of your arms may be restricted for a few weeks.

What can go wrong with breast augmentation surgery?
  • Every year thousands of women undergo successful breast enlargement surgery, however anyone considering surgery should be aware of risks associated with the procedure
  • Reactions to Anesthesia/ Drugs.
  • Hematoma(Blood collection)/ Seroma requiring drainage.
  • Infection requiring Higher Antibiotics.
  • Recurrent Infection, requiring temporary removal of Implant.
  • Capsular contracture, if severe may require Re-do surgery.

At Harleys Clinic, we take full aseptic precautions & standard surgical protocols are followed to minimize the incidence of any such unfortunate complications.

Myths about Breast Augmentation Surgery!!

  • There is no evidence that implants will affect your pregnancy or ability to Breast feed.
  • There is no scientific evidence that Implant increases the risk of Breast cancer.
  • If you have any queries regarding these matters, you should ask your surgeon.
What is cost of Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement)?
Harleys Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai is the most cost effective destination for your procedure. Here Procedures are performed as per International standards at Indian prices.

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Breast Augmentation Surgery
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