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Ms Kajal, Mumbai , Procedure: Liposuction

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Liposuction is surgical removal of fat by use of small cannulas , to give a slimmer liposuction
face lift

Face Lift

The face usually reveals the first visible signs of Aging. Both Gravity & Sun   face lift
Breast Enlargement

Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement, also called Augmentation Breast Enlargement

Research Update on Hair Cloning, Jerry E Cooley published in April 2013

Follicular cell implantation for Hair loss remains an exciting possibility, but True Hair multiplication is a long way off from practical reality in the clinic. Cell based Treat. may come first online as HAIR THICKENING Treat., where periodic scalp injections produce modest clinical gains similar to Minoxidil and Finastride. True Hair Follicle neogenesis in Humans has proven far more complex than that which has been routinely carried out in rats and mic, but intricate models are now being developed that keep alive the DREAM of Unlimited hair.
BEWARE OF MIS ADVERTISNG about Hair Doubling/ Stem Cell Treat. for Baldness.


Diet tips for weight loss
Increase water intake suppresses appetite n help in weight loss.
High protein diet helps burn more calories.