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Liposuction is surgical removal of fat by use of small cannulas , to give a slimmer liposuction
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Face Lift

The face usually reveals the first visible signs of Aging. Both Gravity & Sun   face lift
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Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement, also called Augmentation Breast Enlargement

Why More Men Are Getting Botox Treatments?

These days, the trends have changed significantly, and now it’s not only women who opt for cosmetic surgeries, but men are trying them as well.


You might be surprised to know that even common men and not just Indian Celebrities are looking for various cosmetic procedures that can make them look young and handsome. One of the most preferred cosmetic procedures used by men to look young is Botox treatment.


Let’s take a look at 4 top reasons why men are choosing Botox surgery to look young & handsome.


  1. Botox Delivers Results


Botox treatment has been clinically assessed in male patients. Various studies have shown that more than 20% patients who used Botox to treat minor to severe wrinkles to frown lines were men. These studies have also shown that more than 15% of all patients who used Botox to treat crow’s feet were men. This is a clear indication that men are relying more and more on this treatment to look younger.botox treatment


What’s more, when it comes to effectiveness and accuracy of this anti-ageing cosmetic procedure, the results are same for both genders. Botox chemical operates underneath the skin’s surface and focuses on the basic muscle movement that is behind the appearance of wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet.


At Harleys Cosmetic Clinic, we offer services of the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who will infuse Botox chemical into the muscles that cause different types of ageing signs, and temporarily decreasing the movement of those muscles. The outcome is a decrease in the visibility of those lines.


  1. Quick Recovery


Nowadays, our busy lifestyles don’t give us time that we can use to recover. With Botox treatment, you can just visit the Harleys Clinic to get the treatment, and after the session is over you can do whatever you want to do – there’s no healing time required in this procedure. What’s more, with zero scars and negligible swelling, nobody will know that you had a cosmetic treatment. You may start to notice outcomes within 1 or 2 days, but in some cases it may take 1 week.

Note: Results may vary from patient to patient.


  1. Attractive Personality Is Linked To Success


You are absolutely correct, if you think that attractive personality and young look plays a significant role in achieving success. Many books have been written on this topic and people have different views on this issue. However, a recent study conducted in the USA has shown results that young and attractive people mostly earn approx. 3% to 4% more than people who are severely affected by the signs of ageing.


  1. Botox Treatment Is Affordable


These days, both men and women wish to look young, attractive, and with no signs of ageing. That’s what Botox treatment offers. The best part of this cosmetic surgery is that it isn’t too harsh on your bank accounts. Botox surgery is quite affordable in India.