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10 Facts About Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

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Rhinoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery which is performed to reshape the nose for aesthetic purposes. Results of Rhinoplasty are different from each other because every patient’s nose is unique.

Here are some common facts about Rhinoplasty, which you may not have heard before. Have a look.

1. Rhinoplasty, also known as nose reshaping surgery or simply nose job is often considered as one of the most difficult of all cosmetic surgeries. You need to visit only the best cosmetic surgeon because poorly done surgery can result in permanent deformity of your nose.10 Facts About Rhinoplasty

2. It’s quite difficult to achieve desirable results from rhinoplasty, but the cosmetic surgeon who specializes in this surgery will more often come close. A good cosmetic outcome is impossible without proper experience, skills and technical expertise.

3. Rhinoplasty performed by an experienced surgeon can transform a misshapen nose. However, you need to be realistic while expecting results from this surgical procedure.

4. Remember, one size does not fit all. You need to be very clear from the start that a nose which looks good on some other person may not look good on you. So, consult with the surgeon the specific style you desire.

5. One thing which is common in all good rhinoplasty results is a natural appearance. The nose which appreciates all the features of your face is no doubt the most attractive one. Try to choose a nose shape which blends in and not stands out.

6. For a successful rhinoplasty surgery, it is necessary that you have good tissue and favourable healing power. Even the most skilful surgery might fail to achieve desired results due to bad genes. This happens usually if the patient has weak cartilage and poor skin.

7. For a favourable rhinoplasty outcome a patient should have a firm nasal cartilage, a smooth clear complexion, quick healing power and excellent health condition.

8. The key to lasting beauty and proper function is a strong and well-proportioned nasal skeleton. Skeletal support becomes weaker if a large amount of tip cartilage is removed while reshaping the nose and this may also result in unsightly deformity. The cosmetic surgeon would preserve or enhance skeletal support by reshaping, reinforcing or repositioning, the cartilage tip instead of removing it.

9. In many surgeries, surgical swelling will disfigure the nose for a few weeks. Don’t get disappointed because even excellent results might look disappointing at first, but after the swelling gets over you’ll be able to see the how perfect your new nose looks. It’s all about remaining patient.

10. Today’s rhinoplasty has become more accurate and more effective than however, you must visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who can perform world-class rhinoplasty surgery for you.


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