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Acne Scar Treatment – How effective it is?

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The scars left behind by most of the acne often cause nightmares for many acne sufferers. It is quite discouraging for the sufferers who carefully and patiently use different types of acne treatments and medications (some of which are very expensive and ineffective), only to be left to deal with a bigger problem of scarring

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All You Need to Know About Dimple Cosmetic Surgery

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Dimple surgery is a medical procedure in which a dimple is made by the surgeon to increase the beauty of a person’s face. There are a number of points which you need to consider before opting for the cosmetic dimple surgery. It is a safe process and you get a permanent dimple on your cheeks.

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Liposuction – How to Get the Best Surgery?

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People have different types of opinions while talking about liposuction surgery. Sometimes there are arguments and debates between supporters and the opponents of this surgery. The majority of people are pro-liposuction and there are those who do not support it. A number of people do not even give a second thought before under-going a liposuction

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Breast Augmentation – How to Decide the Size You Want for Your Breasts?

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Breast augmentation is fast becoming the most preferred choice for women who wish to have better sized and shaped breasts. It is a safe cosmetic surgery method, which helps you to look attractive than before. You can search online to find a renowned breast augmentation surgeon or clinic in your area. Nowadays, breast augmentation is

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Anti Ageing Botox Treatment: A Perfect Solution For Ageing Skin

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Sometimes, you might have stood in front of the mirror for hours and look at your ageing skin. The wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes may have caused worries for you. There is no need to get depressed due to these signs because with today’s advanced science it has become possible to deal with

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HAIR care tips in summer

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1.Keep them Short..trim regularly.2. Cover it..Protect from harsh sunlight3.Conditioner always.. after Shampoo4. Before Swim..drench your hair with clear water or leave in conditioner. Don’t forget to rinse in Shower after swim.5.Avoid Blowers/ Ironing of Hair6. Use Anti frizz Juvene for the shine.

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Facts Breast Enlargement in Mumbai | India

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Increase Your Beauty With Breast Enlargement Surgery Almost every woman is concerned about the size of their breast. Women are extra conscious regarding how they look. The breast size affects women of all ages greatly. For example, ladies with big breasts find it hard to carry out daily routine. However, females with small breast think

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