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Breast Enlargement Surgery – Sharing My Happy Story

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At Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic, we treat many women who aren’t satisfied with their breast size. Some of them are looking for a way to how to reduce breast size while others are going for breast enlargement surgery. No matter what type of breast surgery they choose, we have maintained a 100% success record. before-after04

Here’s a snippet of brief conversation with one of satisfied patient who recently underwent breast enlargement surgery in our clinic in Mumbai. We haven’t mentioned the name of the patient to maintain confidentiality.

  • Why did you want the breast enlargement surgery?

My breast size was 30cm and wasn’t concerned about it in my college life. After my marriage, I realised that breasts have an important role in sexual sessions. Though my husband never complained, still I always felt that something is missing for sure. I had a flat chest and wasn’t comfortable wearing bikinis on beaches or any erotic dresses for my husband, also hated the idea of going into pools. Then I decided to do something about this issue.

  • What made you choose Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic?

After many recommendations and visits, I knew in my heart that Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic was the place where I will prefer to undergo breast enlargement surgery. I had a talk with my close friend who herself had went under breast surgery at Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai. She told me that surgeons at this clinic are highly reputed and experienced in their field.

I had a discussion with my husband and he was supportive with my decision. In fact, he became a bit excited with the fact that I will be having bigger boobs after the breast enlargement surgery. I went to the clinic accompanied with my husband and consulted the surgeons. The surgeons were cooperative in explaining even the smallest queries. After the consultation, we finally decided that I should undergo the breast enlargement surgery.

On the day of the surgery, the surgeons and staff member of the clinic made me comfortable. After the surgery started, the next thing I remember is waking up next morning feeling comfortable and with pain (just bit stiffness). Couple of hours I was walking in the room and by evening I was heading home after the surgeon allowed me to do so.

  • How was your recovery?

I went to the clinic for checkups for 7 days regularly and the surgeons ensured that there are not any complications. I returned to my normal lifestyle soon and no complications developed.

  • Are you happy with the results?

Of course, I cannot explain the amount of confidence that I have developed after getting breast enlargement surgery at Harley Street Cosmetic Clinic. My bond with my husband has grown stronger and all thanks to this amazing breast surgery.


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