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My Successful Breast Enlargement Surgery Story

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Breast enlargement or breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that increases the breast size. Breast enlargement in Mumbai is gaining huge popularity and women are choosing this procedure for aesthetic reasons.  Here is a story of woman who got breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai. 

Radhika’s Story (A woman who underwent breast augmentation in Mumbai)Breast-harley

“Before you start judging me, I want to make it clear that I had a horribly flat chest, and kept cloth inside my bra to look good. All my life, whether in college or in office my friends and co-workers used to tease me for having no boobs and assumed that I had an eating disorder which was definitely not true! 

After getting married, my self-esteem decreased rapidly as I thought that my flat-chest is affecting my marriage life. However, my husband was totally supportive and never complained about my boob’s size. Still, I used to feel shy in accompanying him to parties or events. My husband understood my situation and convinced me to had breast augmentation surgery. He took me to the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who offered excellent results in breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai. 

The expert surgeon of the cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai examined me thoroughly and agreed that I’m a good candidate to get breast implants. In my next appointment, my cosmetic surgeon discussed my medical history and asked about the breast size I wished after surgery. After consultations, I finalised size 34D for my new boobs as I really wanted to have big breast now. 

After getting the surgery, the recovery period started. Once the recovery period got over, I started my usual life but surely with much more confidence. Not only my body started looking more attractive, it also improved my sex life manifolds. It may sound like a cliché, but my husband started taking more interest in me than before. 

My friends sometimes ask me that why I opted for breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai? My clear answer to them is that breast augmentation is one of the most preferred surgeries for women all over the world. This is mainly because breast enlargement surgery delivers permanent and better results than any other technique available. The results are attractive and immediately visible to the eyes. 

Breast enlargement surgery doesn’t require long-time commitment and effort from the patient. Just like me, you can also get back to your normal routine after the recovery period is over. You will only need to visit the cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai for corrective surgery which is not done more than four times in your life. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to increase your breast size.”


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