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Breast Lift Surgery – The Best Answer For Sagging Breasts

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Gravity just isn’t a woman’s best friend. Growing older, coupled with the consequences of gravity inBreast lift - Harleyduced our entire bodies to sag. For Girls, it is particularly disheartening to view a sagging bust line that no bra can totally cure. If this is the same problem you’ve been facing for some time now, it’s time to consider breast lift surgery which is a type of cosmetic breast surgery done to remove sagginess of the breasts.

Breast lift surgery helps in bringing back the youthful physical appearance and eradicates the damaging results of aging and gravity.

However, you need to visit expert cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai to know more about different types of breast surgery, especially breast lift surgery. Find the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, who can figure out whether you’re a suitable candidate for this surgical procedure or not and can guide you throughout the treatment process as well as during the recovery period.

Aging and gravity aren’t the only reason behind a sagging bust line. Breast feeding, pregnancy and substantial weight loss also result in making breasts droopy and stretched. Also, some females who undergo breast enlargement surgery or breast reduction surgery may also need a breast lift surgery to obtain a desirable shape and size.

  • What exactly is a breast lift surgery?

Technically, breast lift is known as Mastopexy. Compared with a breast augmentation, which increases the breasts size, a lift surgery is meant to improve the shape and size of the breasts. This type of surgical procedures works wonders by rising and reshaping sagging breasts. This is done by getting rid of excess skin, fat and repositioning the remaining tissue. In some cases, this surgery may decrease the size of the nipples or areola.

breast_augmentationEnsure that this type of breast surgery is done in a renowned cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai, and should be conducted by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai. Recovery period of breast lift surgery varies from patient to patient. Generally, you can go back to your normal routine in about 7 days.

However, physically demanding routines must be eradicated for at least 6 weeks. The scars will fade away in about a year or even more. Some females who underwent this procedure have stated a loss of feeling or sensation in the breasts after the surgical procedure, but this happens in just a few rare cases.

Breast lift surgery is highly effective cosmetic surgical procedures that can successfully lift and reshape sagging breasts for all females regardless whether they have big or small sized breasts.


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