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Cosmetic Surgery – Different Types of Procedures to Enhance Your Beauty

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Cosmetic surgery procedures are the best way to improve and enhance your whole look. These procedures can be classified into various groups, with each having different processes, but with a same goal to increase your physical beauty. Search online to find the best cosmetic surgeon or clinic in Andheri, Mumbai.

Many people are often left confused, wondering about t the best cosmetic surgery procedure available. There are different types of procedures which can boggle your mind. Cosmetic surgery procedures can be easily classified in various groups depending largely on the body part they are conducted. Following are common groups of different cosmetic surgeries:

Facial cosmetic surgery

By the name of this group, you would have already figured out already that we are talking about cosmetic treatments done on the face. Nose, eyelids, scars, eyebrows, forehead, ears and cheeks all come in this category. Advance technology has made it possible to change your face completely. These surgeries help you to upgrade your beauty, boosting your confidence. Dimple creation surgery has become quite popular in Mumbai. Dimples creation can enhance your beauty to a great extent as these are considered as an attractive feature of facial beauty.

Body cosmetic surgery

In this group, the cosmetic surgeries are done to improve the shape and enhance the beauty of your body. One of the most common treatments that come in this group is improvising the shape and size of the breast. Women are quite concerned about the shape and size of their breast, nowadays. With the help of the best cosmetic surgeon, the size of the breast can be easily increased or reduced as per the choice of the patient. Breast augmentation and breast enlargement treatments can make you look extremely gorgeous.

Tummy tuck, firmness of buttocks also comes under this group. With the help of silicon technology, surgeon can easily provide perfect shape and size not only to your breast, but your tummy, calves or buttocks can be made to look highly attractive. To achieve such results, all you need to do is to find the best cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai.

Countering the aging effects

This group is all about dealing with the problems that occur or are related to aging. Facelift surgery is considered as one of the common treatment in this group. Laser hair removal treatment, scar removal, acne scar removal treatments are other procedures in this group. Botox is done to minimize the wrinkles all over your body and can make you look a lot younger. This procedure also smooths down your skin, giving its natural glow back again.

Weight loss

In all the cosmetic surgeries that come under this group, excess fat is taken out of the body to make a person look thinner than before or to achieve the ideal body weight. Liposuction is the most popular procedure which is done to remove the excess or bad fat from body. Apart from liposuction, laser treatment can also be used to burn the fat, but by far liposuction is much more successful procedure than laser treatment.

No matter what cosmetic surgery you desire to undergo, it is highly recommended that you visit best cosmetic surgeon in Andheri or Mumbai. Find a cosmetic clinic in Mumbai that offers solutions to all the above mentioned procedures.


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