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The Increasing Popularity of Dimple Creation Surgery

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Dimple creation surgery has become the latest trend in the cosmetic surgery world. Cosmetic Surgery clinic in Mumbai has reported a huge rise in dimple creation surgery. Men and women are coming forward to enhance their beauty with help of this surgical procedure.

 Probably due to celebrity culture, younger generation is opting for dimple creation surgery in Mumbai. Hollywood stars like Anne Hathaway, Cheryl Cole, Kirsten Dunst, etc have undergone surgeries to create attractive dimples on their cheeks. Similarly, many bollywood actresses have also opted for this procedure. Male actors are also getting dimples through surgical procedure on cheeks and chin as well.

Just like many other things, Hollywood is often given credit to start this trend. Cosmetic surgeons have operated many film stars to either enhance or create new dimples. This cosmetic surgical procedure soon spread across the world and entertainment industries of various countries played an important role in promotion of this procedure. 

In India, just like many Asian countries, dimples are admired greatly. In Indian cultures they are considered as a sign of fortune and fertility. On the other hand, in western culture theses are admired for their cuteness and there’s a huge increase in demand. You can easily find renowned cosmetic clinics that offer dimple surgery in Mumbai, Andheri

A scientific theory states that people are sexually attracted more towards individuals who have dimples. Whatever may be the reason behind this theory, one thing is for sure that the demand for dimple creation surgery in Mumbai is certainly going up. This surgical procedure is part of cosmetic surgery and should be done only by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbaidimple creation - harleys

  • What Exactly is Dimple Creation Surgery?

A cosmetic surgery aimed at creating dimples is known as dimple creation surgery. It’s mostly done for people who are willing to enhance their appearance and beauty. Genetics are responsible for giving dimples naturally in some people, so by opting for surgery others can also have the look they want.

  • How dimples are created on cheeks?

The whole surgical procedure is quite straightforward. A small cut is made inside the skin of the cheek to create a tiny depression. After the surgery, a stitch is attached which dissolves automatically leaving a scar tissue and thus creating dimples. Dimple surgery in Mumbai Andheri is done under local anaesthesia and on outpatient basis which means that you don’t have to stay in the clinic overnight. The surgery may last from half an hour to one hour.

  • Results 

Natural looking dimples can be obtained by getting dimple creation surgery. You can choose this surgery to add character in your smile and facial expression.


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