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Fat grafting in Mumbai

Get Attractive Figure With Fat Grafting!

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Many individuals, especially women are not satisfied with the shape and size of their buttocks. These days, there are many ways to enhance the shape and size of your buttocks, but the most effective is fat grafting treatment, which is being widely preferred to alter the shape of the buttocks.

It’s important for you to know that reshaping buttocks or hips isn’t as easy as it may sound. Many people have tried in the past and still trying to get the ideal butt shape by dieting or exercising, but have failed miserably.

Numerous people wish to have round, attractive hips, so that it makes their body structure look tempting, seductive and more proportional to the body. One of the biggest advantages of rightly shaped butts is that they also make the waist and thighs look a bit smaller.

fat grafting in Mumbai

Quite commonly, people use this treatment to look younger. That is the reason why people are visiting cosmetic clinics to modify the looks of their body.  When it comes to buttocks, they choose either fat grafting or implants.

A most recent treatment known as fat grafting reduces the unwanted fat by wiping out the cells. Numerous people try to achieve nice shape for their hips, thighs or stomach and get fat infused in the buttocks. It gives two benefits by reducing in specific parts while concentrating it in others. The technique can take around 2 hours to complete and performed on local anaesthesia, which is provided under the guidance of an expert.

As the additional tissue is extracted from the body of the individual, the body doesn’t decline the reinjected cells, and numerous people find that the infusion is less invasive and less painful compared to implants. By and large after getting this treatment, the patient can go back to his/her routine within two or three days and can proceed with all types of physical exercises inside 1 to 2 weeks.

Additionally, many people who underwent this surgery have stated that the change by fat infusion surgery provides a more natural look and doesn’t have any visible scarring. However, during these procedures, there can also be a bit of re-absorption risk, which can be avoided if the surgery is performed by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.

On the other hand, in the implants process, the specialist will make a couple of cuts at the hips, and then implants are infused underneath the muscles. It is performed under anaesthesia, and completes with 2 to 5 hours. However, the recovery period after this treatment can last up to a month.

A month after the surgery, you can resume your normal routine unless you can feel some pain or soreness. It can typically take your body several months to get adjusted to the implants and make them look more normal. The success of the results mostly depends on the skills and expertise of the cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai.


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