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How Microdermabrasion Makes Your Skin Healthy After Holi

Benefits of Microdermabrasion | Skin Treatment |

Holi is the festival of colours, fun, and complete enjoyment. Everybody loves to play holi with amazing colours, and eat tasty gujiyas in this festival. However, the impact of colours on our skin is a cause of concern.

Colours used in holi are completely artificial nowadays that have really harmful effects on the skins of many people. However, with some precaution, care, and skin treatments, you can ensure full safety for your skin.

  • After Holi Skincare
  • Right after you’ve played holi, the first thing you need to do is utilise warm water and a high quality soap or cleanser to remove the colours as much as possible. Apply baby oil or expel the extra colours. After this, you need to apply moisturiser, particularly one that is recommended for sensitive skin to diminish the dryness and hydrate your skin.
  • Remove colour from the nails of your hands and feet.
  • Visit a dermatologist to get a microdermabrasion to take off the damaged layers to make your facial skin healthy, soft and supple.

One such skin treatment that you could have after holi to get rid of the harmful colours is microdermabrasion. Are you aware with the advantages of microdermabrasion? It’s an amazing skin treatment that’s performed to make you look fresh and young. However, many skin specialists are recommending this treatment for people who are looking forward to make their skin healthy after holi.

Basically, this treatment influences you to look more youthful by evacuating the dead skin from your facial area and guaranteeing that fresh and youthful skin from underneath comes out into the external layer. Therefore the main advantage is a more youthful skin, without any impacts of ageing with an exceptionally amazing shine.

The second major advantage is simply the way the treatment is performed, it’s non-surgical, complete protected and has no unfavourable effects on the skin. Since the reaction on the skin is simply physical, microdermabrasion does not have any side effects that are usually connected with different types of skin treatments. Painless and fast, its sessions normally last around 30 minutes, and no anaesthesia is needed either.

As it’s obvious, Microdermabrasion offers unlimited benefits to people with skin problems. This treatment is undoubtedly offers a win-win situation to people who wish to erase signs of ageing of their facial skin. No other skin treatment can match the results delivered by this non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure. It’s recommended that you should only get this treatment done by an expert cosmetic surgeon only.

The benefits of Microdermabrasion are too many yet nothing is better the sparkling smile all over your face when you look yourself in the mirror and see your youthful and healthy skin once again!


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