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How to Find the Best Cosmetic Surgeon

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Finding the best cosmetic surgeon for your cosmetic procedure can be a tough task, as your choice of cosmetic surgeon is directly related to the kind of results you will get. Think hundreds of times before making any selection as cosmetic procedures are related with enhancement of your beauty and a bad choice of the cosmetic surgeon can give you a lifelong stress, which can lead to further expenses in the correction of the bad results.

cosmetic surgery clinic MumbaiIn this article we will discuss certain things that you should keep in mind before making a choice of cosmetic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery procedure, these are:

Check cosmetic surgeon qualification and certification

Before you opt a cosmetic surgeon, the first thing to do is, check his/her qualification and certification to find out, if he/she holds a specialization, in the types of cosmetic surgery procedure you are looking for. Another thing is to check if he/she is medically certified to perform such a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Check your cosmetic surgeon experience

Cosmetic surgery is a very vast field that includes a lot of cosmetic procedures, so it’s not necessary that a cosmetic surgeon expert in breast reduction surgery is also a specialist of rhinoplasty surgery. Best would be to find out if your cosmetic surgeon is specialist in performing the cosmetic surgery that you are looking for. Do try to find out how many surgeries he conducted himself of the same kind.

Check aesthetic sense of your cosmetic surgeon

We all know that every person is different from other and there are chances that a type of nose, lips or dimple might look good on someone else but, it might not look good on others. This is why your cosmetic surgeon must have a great aesthetic sense and can consult you about the outcome of your procedure, that whether it will enhance your beauty or not. To find out your cosmetic surgeon aesthetic sense checkout prior patient before – after images.

Comfort level with the cosmetic surgeon

Certain cosmetic surgery procedure can be finished within a single surgery, but some cosmetic surgeries might take more than one procedure, this is why it is very important that you feel comfortable in the presence of your cosmetic surgeon. Another reason is, as certain procedure requires a lot of questioning from the cosmetic surgeon before conducting the procedure regarding your prior medical condition or if you have undergone through any other procedure and you too might have questions after the surgery. These questions can be very personal at times with certain type of cosmetic procedures like Hymenoplasty surgery, so before opting a cosmetic surgeon, ask yourself this, are you willing to share personal and sensible information about yourself.

Postoperative patient care

You can only find about this by talking to their existing patients or patients who have taken any kind of cosmetic procedure by them, the quality of the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai is that he will always be available to answer and attend you after your cosmetic surgery procedure.


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