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How To Get The Best Results From Liposuction Surgery

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Have you been putting effort daily by doing exercise and dieting, but failing to get the desired shape? If yes, then this is the right time you should seriously consider getting liposuction in Mumbai. In spite of widespread myths and misconceptions, liposuction treatment isn’t performed to decrease your body’s weight instead it is performed to reshape specific areas of the body.


After deciding that liposuction in Mumbai is the right thing for you to reduce bodyweight then follow these easy steps to achieve the best results from your treatment.

  • Do Your Own Research

There’s generally a large number of surgeons to choose from, however do not let liposuction cost be the deciding issue. Make sure to choose a surgeon who has vast expertise and positive reviews. Always go for the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, who is known to deliver amazing results. At Harleys Clinic, all the surgeries are performed by world-famous Doctor Sumit Agrawal.

  • Get A Better Idea Of The Options Available

There are numerous options once it involves the surgery itself. One of the safest surgical process, tumescent liposuction uses anaesthesia to remove fat in a painless and simple approach that gives the patient almost no bruising. Alternative choices embrace ultrasonic or laser techniques which liquefy fat, thus decreasing the recovery time.

  • Ask Questions From Your Surgeon

Before visiting your surgeon, you need to prepare a list of questions or queries that are in your mind related to liposuction treatment. This way, you’ll be able to understand the whole procedure in a better way. You ought to utilise the consultation as a chance to know a lot more about the surgeon’s qualification, experience, and suggestions on what treatment is best for you.

  • Manage Your Weight

Liposuction body contouring surgery works by removal of stubborn chunks of fat stored in areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms, or neck. To achieve the best results, person who will be getting liposuction surgery ought to maintain their healthy weight before and after the surgery. They are required to go into the surgery with firm and elastic skin.

  • Avoid Using Unrecompensed Supplements

There are a few products in the market such as aspirin and some herbal supplements that can affect the process of blood clotting and become a potential danger if you’re planning to have any surgery. Additionally, some anti-inflammatory drugs can increase the chances of bleeding throughout the surgery. Make sure to inform your surgeon about any medicines or supplements that you are consuming presently.

  • Follow All Postoperative Directions

Your surgeon will give you many instructions after the surgery which are supposed to assist you avoid any complications, thus it is vital to follow them strictly. Usually, you ought to rest completely for the first few days; however some activities such as walking should be done to reduce the chance of clotting. In some cases, compression clothes are recommended by the surgeon to be worn to avoid any swelling around the area where surgery has been performed. Visiting the best liposuction clinics in Mumbai will help you to know more about this cosmetic surgery.

  • Have Patience

Liposuction does give instant results. However, for complete final results, you need to wait for a few weeks. So, be patient.










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