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Shaggy breast lift tips

Improve your shagging breast with these 3 Simple tips

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The main factor responsible for shagging breast is a woman age, as women age their breast which is made up of connective tissues, fat cells and milk-producing glands loose elasticity and she experiences shaggy breasts, this can happen to women in their 40s, but many women can experience breast shagging at a very early age, due to an early menopause, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight gain due to pregnancy, weight loss due to improper dieting or undergoing very heavy exercise to lose weight, weight loss surgery is not actually directly related to the cause, but just after a complete body liposuction you might get an impression during the recovery phase that your breasts are more shaggy then they usually were, breast cancer and many other reasons that can lead to shagging breast.

Shaggy breast lift tipsThough no women want to have shaggy breast, it’s a very natural phenomenon that almost every women experience and nothing can be done for it.

If you search for ways to improve shagging breast on the internet, you will find thousands of product that can help you in tightening your breast or can say a breast lift.

But in case if you are interested in natural ways for your breast lift, you are at the right place.

In this article, we will discuss simple tips that will help you in firming your breasts and achieving a perfect shape for your breasts.

Natural breast lift tips:

1 —-> Exercising: Any kind of exercise or sport that involves the movement of your chest muscles can help you in improving your breast shape.

Recommended exercises that you can perform are Chest pushups, Flat Bench Dumbbell Press, Seated Machine Chest Press, Incline Dumbbell Press, Incline Bench Fly and many more you can consult your Gym instructor to guide you with exercises that involve pectoral muscles and nearby areas.

2 —-> Ice therapy: Ice therapy or ice massage is a very simple method that includes massaging your breast with the help of ice cube or if you have a bathtub, you can pore few bags of ice cube and create a perfect chamber for your whole body massage, by dipping your body completely in the bathtub, keep your head out of the water and be there for not more than a Minute or if you feel like you can’t handle the cold you can come out of your bathtub earlier, this will help you in firming your breast and tightening your complete body skin.

Recommended way to perform Ice massage: take ice cubes and move them on your breasts in the clockwise direction for a minute, when done cover your breast with a furry towel, don’t rub your breast, once done wear your bra and rest for at least 30 minutes. Repeat this exercise daily and you will experience a proper breast lift.

3 —-> Oil Massage: As we said earlier that market is full of product that will guarantee you, that massaging with their oil or lotion will result in firming your breast and improving its shape, though as per our recommendation. The best oil for the purpose is olive oil as it’s a great source of fatty acids and antioxidants, which can help in regaining the lost shape of your breast.

Recommended way to perform olive oil massage: take few drops of olive oil in your hands and rub your hands gently when you feel heat in your palms, rub your palms on your breast in the upward direction for not more than 15 minutes, repeat the same massage, 6 times a week and you will soon experience firm breasts. If you feel like using some other oil than go ahead and follow the same procedure.

These simple breast lift tips will help you in improving your breast shape and firming your breast muscles.


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