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Skin Treatment In Mumbai: How To Get Healthy Skin

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With so many environmental, physical and mental stresses continuously affecting our body, it becomes quite important to take actions to seek protection against them. Our skin is also affected extremely due to various environmental factors. Getting skin treatment in Mumbai is surely an excellent decision to improve the glow and health of your skin.

Here are top 5 easy tips which will help you to maintain a healthy skin. Have a look.

  • Sun Protection

It’s quite important that you properly protect your skin from the sun and stay away from overexposure. Extreme exposure to sun will result in wrinkles, ageing signs and numerous skin problems. The harmful sunrays also increase the risk of getting skin cancer.Skin Polishing

You need to follow these three steps for a good protection from the sun:

  • Apply good amount of sunscreen lotion. Before going outdoors, never forget to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen which has an SPF15. Use sunscreen smoothly on the skin, and if you continue your stay outdoors for a long period of time then reapply sunscreen every three hours or after every two hours if you’re perspiring or swimming.
  • Choose shaded places and try your best to avoid going outdoors between 12 to 2 pm because in these two hours the sun rays are the strongest.
  • Your clothes should be protective. Ensure that your skin is covered properly with good quality long-sleeved tops and shirts, wear full pants or jeans and can even go for hats.
  •  Quit Smoking/Drinking

Scientists have confirmed that smoking any form of tobacco and drinking alcohol speedups the ageing process and wrinkles appear easily. In the outermost layers of skin, the tiny blood vessels become narrower due to smoking which results in a decline of blood flow. The skin fails to get oxygen and nutrients which are essential for its health.

  • Have A Healthy Diet

There’s no doubt that a healthy diet can make you look young, fresh and beautiful. You need to consume loads of fresh fruits, green vegetables, juices, grains and proteins. Many scientists and medical experts have suggested that a good diet is directly related to healthy & younger skin. Consume more vitamins and minerals, drink loads of pure water, stay away from unhealthy fats and processed food items.

  • Stay Away From Stress

Excess level of stress will act as a catalyst in the development of numerous types of skin problems. To have a good skin you need to have a healthy mind, so stay away from unnecessary stress. Take vacations, read a good book, do what you like and develop hobbies to cut down stress levels.

  • Get Skin Treatment In Mumbai

Choosing a skin treatment in Mumbai is an ideal way to get young, fresh and healthy skin without much effort. Skin polishing (microdermabrasion), chemical peeling and fat grafting are some of the best available skin treatment in Mumbai that can work wonders for the health of your skin.





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