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Liposuction Surgery

Things you should know about liposuction aftercare

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We found that most of the patients whom we consulted were in a hurry, to know all about the procedure such as. How much weight they will lose after the surgery, how quick will the results be visible after the liposuction surgery, how much cost will be involved in the liposuction procedure, who will be performing my liposuction surgery, is the surgeon board certified, has he or she performed any such surgeries earlier, can we talk to patients whom he treated earlier and many more, yes these are really very important questions that you should ask your consultant, but there is something more than this, that can help you in improving the results from your liposuction procedure.

Yes! We are talking about aftercare. There is nothing to worry about if you opted for a liposuction procedure, it’s completely safe and you will feel more energetic and with an improved self-image of yours after the liposuction procedure.

liposuction surgery aftercare instructions:

Post liposuction instruction:

Just after your liposuction procedure, it’s very important for you to ask your liposuction surgeon to provide you written instruction of all the Dos and Don’ts that you have to follow, as most of the times patient leave for their home just after the procedure, so the chances that you might forget certain instruction is very common, such as, how to wear your compression garment, your medication time, activities and diet that you can resume just after the surgery.

Liposuction SurgeryKnowing all this will save you from any kind of postoperative infection and will help you in quick recovery from the surgery.

Going Back Home after liposuction surgery:

As told above, you can leave for your home, just after your liposuction surgery, and you might feel like that you can drive back home comfortably, but trust us on this one, it would be best to ask someone to accompany from your family or a trusted friend who can drop you back home after the surgery.

The reason we are asking you to do so is because during liposuction surgery you will be given a local anesthesia, so you might feel comfortable, but chances are that you might feel a bit dizzy, and for your own safety it would be best to ask someone to drop you back home after the surgery, and yes one more thing is, do not think of hiring a UBER or OLA back home, yes their services can for sure be trusted, but the drivers can’t.

Care after reaching Home:

Because you are still under the influence of painkiller medication and sedation, you might not feel anything and try to resume to your regular activities, which is fine, but make sure that you don’t get involved in any strenuous activities, because on the day you might not feel it, but it can increase the swelling for the treated area after the surgery.

Best advise is to take partial rest, which involve regular movements, which is actually good for you to improve blood circulation and will help you in quick healing, and one more thing is, that you might experience more pain on the consecutive days than on the day of your liposuction surgery. Additional advice: avoid salt & alcohol.

You’re Compression Garment:

On compression garment do follow the instruction of your surgeon, as the usual time asked by your surgeons to wear a compression garment is the minimum, this could range from eight to twelve weeks, so best would be to wear it as per instructions provided, taking it off you might feel comfortable, but this can have a huge effect on your end results after liposuction surgery.

Compression garments are compulsory after liposuction as it helps your skin in reattaching with your muscles perfectly.

Exercising after liposuction Surgery:

If you love to workout, it is advised to involve in any kind of strenuous exercise after two weeks as per recommendation, but best would be, to listen to your body signals, if your body is ready for it. Go for it! But pushing your body to its limits can affect your results from the liposuction procedure,


As a conclusion, we will advise to take small steps and follow all the instruction provided and you will achieve the best results from your liposuction surgery.


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