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Thinking Dimples? Cosmetic Surgery is the Solution

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Dimples occur naturally on both sides of a person’s face and are visible only when the face is stretched or the person is smiling. A small defect in the cheek musculature is usually the main reason for the formation of dimples. When the muscle contracts due to smiling, the skin on this small defect gets down to the underlying connective tissue. The muscles split allowing the skin to indent. 

Dimple or dimples can be created easily by minor cosmetic surgical procedures which are done within a day. The demand of creating a dimple is rising at a quick rate both from women and men. After the surgery is done the results obtained are usually permanent. 

Choosing the location of the dimple on your face is completely a personal choice, but you should consult with the dimples plastic surgeon Mumbai. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will guide you appropriately to get desired results from this surgical procedure. 

Dimple surgery in Mumbai Andheri, is a quite simple cosmetic procedure which is performed under local anaesthesia on an outpatient basis. The patient remains awake and feels totally comfortable while the surgery is going on. If you wish to stay unconscious or asleep while the surgery is undergoing then special arrangements can be made by the surgeon and you need to make this point clear before the day selected for this surgical process. 

The whole surgical process usually doesn’t take more than half an hour to complete and you can even go back to your normal routine after it is done. You can resume your usual activities straight after the procedure. Remember that no implants are used in this procedure. 

A surgical instrument is placed against the inner cheek (buccal mucosa) and then by making circular motions cuts are made through the mucosa, cheek muscle and submucosal fat. The skin is left intact and a circular core made of these tissues is removed, creating a shallow cylindrical shaped space under the skin. After a few more steps, dimples become visible even without smiling. 

However, the skin will eventually flatten out in a week or two. The skin and muscles will be connected by the internal scarring, thus creating a dimple whenever you smile. 

This type of surgery can be performed on any type of skin or cheek, no matter it is chubby or not. However, the procedure will be done easily if the cheeks are not too chubby. If you desire to have dimples which are quite prominent then a bigger surgery can be done in a cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai.




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