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liposuction in Mumbai

Understanding Liposution- How to Make it Safe & Effective

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If you have tried all kind of diets and exercises, but still cannot get rid of access fat from certain body areas, Liposuction is the best plastic surgery procedure available for you to reconstruct your body shape and get back your self-confidence.

Though liposuction is considered as one of the best cosmetic surgery operations to deal with access fat that cannot be removed with exercise or dieting, it would be best to consult a specialist cosmetic surgeon that what kind of Liposuction procedure would suit you, whether you are the right candidate for the Liposuction procedure and the kind of risks involved in the Liposuction procedure. As Liposuction procedure may have serious complications during, and after the liposuction surgery.


liposuction in Mumbai


Are you good candidates for liposuction surgery?

This question can only be answered exactly by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, after examining your health history and current health status, but there are certain common points that can be considered, before even visiting a qualified plastic surgeon;

  • You should not be diabetic or be suffering from any kind of heart disease or poor blood circulation or lung disease
  • No matter what is your age, but if you have good skin elasticity, you are a great candidate
  • You should only consider liposuction surgery, if you have tried all other measures for removing the access fat and that dint worked for you.

What you should expect after liposuction surgery

Though liposuction surgery is the best cosmetic surgery procedure available for body countering or body reconstruction to get the perfect body shape, it does not guarantee that the patient will not regain weight from where fat was removed, as liposuction surgery is not a technique to remove fat permanently.

You can only maintain your body shape after a liposuction surgery, by following a proper diet plan and exercising as per suggested by your plastic surgeon.

Risks involved during and after liposuction surgery

Every plastic surgery procedure has some risks and complications involved, but you need not worry about them, the only thing you need to do is before opting for liposuction surgery, consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon, that can guide you in the best possible manner throughout the procedure.

If you are looking for a liposuction procedure, talk to our specialist cosmetic surgeon Dr. Sumit Agrawal at Harleys Cosmetic Clinic in Mumbai.


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