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Sagging Breasts – What’s Better, Breast Enlargement Surgery Or Breast Lift Surgery?

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For every girl and women, breasts are a crucial section that helps to create their confidence and self-esteem. The confidence of any girl or women can crash and hit the ground, if she thinks that her breasts are too small and unattractive.Breast Enlargement Surgery - Harleys Clinic

However, with advancement in technology, the problem of small bust can be easily dealt with the help of breast augmentation in Mumbai or breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai. If you too face the problem of small bust then breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai is the best available solution for you.

What if you have sagging breasts and can’t find a solution for this problem? Apart from breast lift surgery in Mumbai, breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai is also one the best available solutions for sagging breasts.

“Will breast augmentation in Mumbai work, or do I need a breast lift surgery in Mumbai?” this is quite a common question asked by almost all the women who want to get attractive bust. The main reasons behind the sagginess of breasts are weight loss, pregnancy and breasts feeding.

  • What Options You Have To Correct The Sagging Breasts

The right answer for this question can only be given by the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, who will first examine your body to find whether you’re the right candidate for breasts enlargement surgery in Mumbai or not.  However, there are certain things that will help you to evaluate your breasts on your own.

Breasts enlargement surgery in Mumbai provides the required volume to women and on the other hand, breast lift surgery in Mumbai is excellent for giving a proper shape to sagging breasts. So, you need to be careful while choosing the type of surgery which will make your body more attractive than before. If you think that your bust is too skinny and you have a straight chest then breast augmentation surgery in Mumbai is meant for you as it refills the empty skin and provides volume to your bust.

Breast enlargement surgery in Mumbai is ideal for you if:

  • Sagginess is low.
  • Nipples don’t point downwards and are in the middle of the breast
  • You are not satisfied with your tiny bust and looking forward to increase its size.

Or, you can opt for breast lift surgery in Mumbai if:

  • Sagginess is quite high.
  • Nipples point downwards and are at the bottom of your breasts.
  • You already have big bust and only wish to remove the sagginess without increasing the size.
  • Areola is simply too big and you want to reduce its size.

So, you can see that both surgeries have their own benefits and can work wonders in improving your bust’s shape and size. Visit the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai to get desirable results from any type of cosmetic surgery.


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